Touhou Project

Touhou Project Summary

Touhou Project or Project Shrine Maiden is a Japanese game series that is holding a title in Guinness Book of Records in 2010 for being the most-prolific fan-made shooter series because it is highly responsive to gamers and anime lovers. Most of the Touhou games are fan-made and it has various of game types. From shoot 'em up, fighting,super mario-like touhou,megaman-like touhou, pokemon-like touhou and other popular games that were transformed to touhou project,all were made by fans.  Amazingly, this anime game series started from a one-man developer ZUN (Junya Ota) of Team Shanghai Alice. Although there's a word team he is the only member. He created almost everything on the hellfire shooting game from graphics, music and sound effects.    

There were also various versions of touhou project series like touhou manga, touhou hentai and other genres. There were thousands of merchandise that are all Touhou Project characters. From figurines to bags, to candy wrappers and other toys. The touhou anime characters were being cosplayed over and over and one of the female cosplayers' favorite because almost all of the characters were females. No wonder there are thousands of touhou hentais. From manga hentais to touhou project anime series in hentai version, there's plenty of them and everything happened because it was one of the anime lovers' and gamers favorite. Those people that made the touhou hentais do really know that their creations would be patronized by touhou fans. That is how touhou project is in the eyes of fans.
There are many computer games nowadays that are considered as addicting. But there are also computer games that until now making a big impression for gamers and considered as classical. Touhou Project is one of the so called classical game and being marked as one of the for-the-hardcore players only. Though the game looks like a simple shoot 'em up, it's not that easy to finish the game.
If you don't think so that this game is difficult, better watch some of the game videos or download these  game and try to finish it. Although some people already finished the touhou game series, they had a hard time. How can be the player not have a hard time if the game is like designed not to be finished. Fire barrage and showering bullets are being released by the enemy. Just imagine yourself under a heavy rain and yet you are trying to avoid every rain drop. It's like a game that will bring you to insanity. Although it's a little bit exaggerated to describe the game to be insane, it's really difficult. One small mistake and you're dead. And if you want to try and play it, go on and enjoy dodging the hellfire.
 Unlike sonic wings, 1942 and other shoot 'em up games, the touhou project made a trademark for being the most prolific and one of the most difficult games ever. Overall Touhou Project is popular due to it's trademark of being difficult to play and it's number of different kinds of merchandise. From a single brain cell, it became an anime that conquered the internet and specially the anime world.


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